Black Rooster, a black female-owned socially conscious brand, launches on Juneteenth!


The first tee to be released by the Black Rooster brand will be ‘Equal Except’ on June 19, 2020

NEW JERSEY, JUNE 18, 2020- Black Rooster, a black female-owned socially conscious brand has chosen Juneteenth as its launch date. Juneteenth marks the day when slaves in Texas were finally told they had been emancipated- two and half years after President Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Black Rooster chose this day to launch because its historical significance corresponds with the brand’s commitment to invoke awareness and stir consciousness. 

In recent weeks, many designer labels have been called out for their lackluster support of people of color, cultural appropriation, and in some cases, no support at all-failing to hire people of color on their design teams and having no people of color on their boards.  From sweaters that resembled blackface to hoodies with nooses on them, many brands have been tone death at best, racist at worst- letting people of color down, time and time again.  Black Rooster is dedicated to lifting the plight of people of color worldwide by putting relevant socially conscious and positive messages out in the forefront.  When you wear a Black Rooster tee, you are saying something worthwhile even if you never open your mouth because Black Rooster tees carry timeless messages that put the focus on humanity. 

“Black Rooster is named after the Ayam Cemani, the black rooster.  Its feathers, beak, bones, meat, eggs are black. Everything. It is unique because it is black through and through. Just like this brand,” explains Terri Jones Salter, the brand’s founder. “Roosters get up early and are known to wake up those nearby. When you wear a Black Rooster tee, you are not only wearing the ‘woke’ brand, you are saying, “Wake Up!” to the world.  You are sounding the alarm because you are wearing what you believe.” 

The first shirt, titled, ‘Equal Except’ has the names of unarmed African Americans who were killed when just doing regular things most take for granted or even heroic things- things most would never consider dangerous.  This tee highlights the fact that things like disembarking a train, pulling out a wallet, sleeping, jogging and shopping at a deli can result in death for African Americans. 

“These lives must be remembered, and their murders never forgotten.  If anyone doesn’t get why change is needed; why people of all ethnicities and creeds are peacefully protesting, they only need to see this shirt,” says Jones Salter.  ‘Equal Except’ will be released for pre-order at 12pm (EST) on June 19th. 5% of t-shirt sales will be donated to social justice initiatives.  To purchase, visit




Black Rooster is an African American brand whose mission is to put relevant socially conscious and positive messages out in the forefront through apparel. Visit to see featured items. 


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