Black Roosters Don't Let Others Define Them

Black Roosters Don't Let Others Define Them

So, the other day I was just over here minding my business, both figuratively and literally…when this happened:

This man saw a face different from his own and labeled it. I pity him. For, that’s his problem, not ours. We will keep affirming, keep loving, keep creating over here because our worth has nothing to do with him. He does not determine who we are or our value. We will not let people’s ignorance deter us from being who we are and you shouldn’t either. Black Roosters don't let people’s negativity intimidate them or talk them out of being themselves. To Mr. Mango, and others like him, we say: We’re one-of-a-kind, deal with it. We’re not like everybody else and that may make us a target sometimes but that will not stop us from being different. Black Rooster is a brand for the unique, not a brand for bullies!

To all of you reading this, I say, Black Roosters are special. Are you quirky? Fantastic! Are you nerdy or odd? Own it! Do you march to the beat of your own drum? Keep the parade going! Do you stand out? Outstanding! Are you comfortable in your own skin even when your skin is different from everyone else’s in the room? We applaud you! Don’t let anyone’s hateful labels bring you down and don’t let any haters cause you to change who you are. If you are loving and kind; compassionate and empathetic; encouraging and uplifting, don’t let those who aren’t, stop you from being who you are and put out your light. Refuse to let others’ shade dim your shine! Black Rooster is a brand centered on love and affirmation and the “Mr. Mangos” of the world will not stop us from continuing to be just that!


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