How To Change Hearts And Influence People With Just A T-Shirt

How To Change Hearts And Influence People With Just A T-Shirt

In my 8th grade yearbook, I stated that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. And while I feel like I am still in the process of growing up, and will be until the day I take my last breath, I am a writer. I started my career as a journalist. Then, I wrote a novel.  Since then, I have co-written a play.  I have written a self-help guide geared to empower women. I have just completed another guide for women about empowered dating. I have written more than a dozen children's books that I have yet to publish and am currently writing a screenplay and finishing up a guide for wives. I am indeed a writer.

So what is a writer doing creating t-shirts? Novels, plays, books, Michelle Obama's necklace and t-shirts actually have a lot in common. They all use the power of words.

After all, t-shirts are only as good as the messages written on them. Fabric is a blank canvas and as such, is perfect for creating art and creating change. I am passionate about words and the meaning they convey and the power they can impart…whether written in a book, sung as the lyrics of a song, emblazoned on a billboard or the front of a shirt, words can instruct, inform, challenge, encourage, uplift. 

Words also express what is in our heart. You will not find a white supremacist in a Black Lives Matter t-shirt. Why? Because long before it became the slogan of Black Rooster Tees, people have been wearing what they believe and refusing to wear what they don't.

A t-shirt is a vehicle of expression….a way to express your truth. It's also a conversation starter; an opening for real dialogue. It can be used to give exposure to a cause or express a message and the more you wear it, the more the message is shared.T-shirts can help you become an activist in your own corner of the world…expressing messages of truth, love, empowerment…or cries for justice.

Wearing a T-shirt with a message is something you can do to make your corner of the world a little better; a little brighter.

In addition to that, t-shirts boost self-esteem. They don't just have the potential to change the world around you by promoting your beliefs or supporting your cause, they also have the ability to change you! Yes, shirts can change the external and the internal as well.

When you wear something affirming, it makes you walk straighter, lift your head higher. You feel more confident; you feel bold and empowered, walking in your truth.

If you sport a shirt that reads: Unapologetically Black, you exude pride, gratitude and self-assurance. Even in a time when black people are still fighting for justice; even in a country where blackness is not fully valued at all times, wearing that shirt reminds you that you are God's creation and as such, you don't have to justify your existence to any human.

T-shirts can create a thought, express a thought and change a thought. That's why it is important to be intentional about what shirt you choose to wear….intentional about what you choose to express.

Because when you wear a vehicle of expression, you become a voice to be reckoned with and when you become a voice, you become an influencer.

And when you influence, you become a change agent. 

Every time you put on a shirt with a message, you are doing all of that. Make sure it's a T-shirt with the right message.

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Love this!! Wear what you believe!
Voice- influencer – Becoming a change agent!

Judy John-Styles

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