How to Style a Statement Piece

How to Style a Statement Piece

A statement piece is a bold piece of clothing or an accessory that adds more joy and excitement to your wardrobe - kind of like a Black Rooster tee or a vibrant dress. It's anything that feels bold, remarkable, and attention-grabbing, and it can have a bright color, a bold pattern, or a dramatic silhouette or shape.


Whether you want to add more statement pieces to your wardrobe or learn how to style them better, you've come to the right place. Keep reading for tips on how to stand out in all the right ways when wearing a statement piece:


Take it back to basics

Let's say you have a pair of funky bell-bottom jeans. The simplest basic that you could pair it with is a basic white tee. Basics are an excellent way to draw the eye to your statement piece without looking too over the top. You can also style your statement piece with an elevated basic such as a detailed and textured white blouse. The goal here is to embrace minimalism while still making a statement by making your statement piece a canvas. Styling a statement piece with basics will also give you a lot more wear out of it.


Dress it down

One of the best ways to style a statement piece is by keeping everything else in your outfit simple to allow it to stand out. You can dress your statement piece down and pull it back with casual fabric. This will add a nice contrast, tone it down, and make the piece comfortable for whatever you do during the day.


Examples of casual fabrics include denim, leather, wool, and cozy cotton. An example of using these fabrics would be putting a cotton t-shirt under a silk dress. Or make the silk dress more wearable by throwing a denim jacket or a cozy cardigan on top of it.


Avoid strong contrast with the rest of your outfit

If your statement piece is mostly dark-toned, you want to wear it with other dark tones, and the same goes for lighter-toned pieces. Strong contrast in the form of a light-toned statement piece with dark pants, for example, can bring the wrong kind of attention to the bold piece.


It's better to go with a subtle, complimentary pattern that's easy on the eye and easy to pair with your statement piece. If you're worried about mixing patterns, keep it to three patterns max.


Go with it

Lean into the color or pattern of your statement piece and embrace its unique features. No matter how wild and out there the piece is, it's all about going wild and making it your own. You can do this with bold pieces and wild designs and go as experimental as you want. A bold pairing draws the eye and shows you know what you're doing.


Give it a blank canvas

Let the piece be the hero, and keep everything else simple, casual, and a blank canvas that allows your statement piece to shine. An excellent example of how you can do this is by pairing bold, brightly colored statement pieces with black and white items. This will allow the bold color of the piece to stand out and be the star of the show.


Pull from a colored item

Colored accessories, such as a colorful bag or a beanie, can help make a bold statement, even if the rest of your outfit is simple and neutral. This works even better with matching bold-colored accessories, such as a sling bag and a piece of headwear that's the same color. You can do the same thing with jewelry that features a pop of color or a patterned design.


Go all in

Alternatively, you can go in the opposite direction and go all in on your statement piece. This could mean pairing your fancy dress with bold jewelry or wearing it with bold makeup and a fresh hairstyle. It also means picking up on the colors in your statement pattern blouse with statement pants or a jacket with a lot of color and pattern.


Instead of toning down your uniqueness, see what it feels like to shine bright and wear the boldest, most beautiful thing that you can wear.


Add a different tone

Your statement piece is a beige leopard print top or dress. This would go well layered with a brown suede jacket and a chocolate brown knee-high boot. Knee-high boots add an element of texture and surprise to dresses.


Get vibrant

What about radiant, brilliant neons and pastels? Let's say you have a fabulous pair of richly colored pants and don't know what to wear them with. It all starts with something simple like a white blouse, preferably a shoulder-cut knit top that cuts into your shoulders to show off all the work you've been putting into the gym. It's all about leaning into the drama in a flattering and aesthetically pleasing way.


Of course, you don't have to go monochromatic and can pair neon colors like neon green with a solid color like navy or a lively citrus orange.


Start with it

Make the statement piece your starting point. This will enable you to ask questions like; how can I dress this down for what I'm doing today? How can I make it wearable? This will spark more of your creativity, and you'll be able to see the possibilities. Most importantly, if you want to wear something, wear it. Life's too short not to make a statement.


In closing

These tips could work with any statement piece, whether colorful, patterned, or in a different silhouette. It's all about embracing your style and having the confidence to wear whatever you want. Ready to spruce up your wardrobe? Check out Black Rooster for bold and unique streetwear pieces you can dress up or down.

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