The Black Rooster Story

Terri Jones Salter, Founder, Black Rooster Tees
I didn’t choose t-shirts, t-shirts chose me. My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary by taking a dream honeymoon. Because we had gotten married in our very early twenties, we couldn’t afford a dream trip. So we were both excited and grateful to celebrate such a milestone in this way. I already had a notebook full of designs but up until that trip, no one knew about them except me. On that trip, I shared my ideas with my spouse and he wholeheartedly agreed that these messages should not remain in a notebook. They needed to be out in the world where they could enlighten, encourage and empower. As we talked, a rooster crossed our path. The significance was not lost on me. For that rooster embodied what I felt called to do...wake up people’s consciousness. 

When I learned about the rare Ayam Cemani - the black rooster, I discovered its feathers, beak, tongue, bones and internal organs are ALL BLACK.

Ayam means “chicken” in Indonesia and Cemani is the village on the island of Java where it originated. The largest collection of this unique breed is in Africa. Ayam Cemani, the black rooster, is black through and through just as this business which bears its name, its messages and me, its creator. They are proudly worn by all.

The messages on Black Rooster tees are unique and stand out because they are not stale regurgitated messages copy and pasted from some other brand. They are dope. They are relevant.

Because every Black Rooster tee is my brain child, they are the result of a finger on the pulse of what is going on in the world and having a heart for positive change.

Black Rooster tees are confrontational because: Confrontation brings revelation and revelation produces transformation.

Can a t-shirt really do all of that?
A Black Rooster tee can.

Terri Jones Salter