STOP Hate sweatshirt
STOP Hate sweatshirt $50.00
Racism. Discrimination. HATE. Period. Maybe if we all start calling it what it really is, people will realize how destructive it is and how it threatens the quality of life for everyone. Spread awareness with this shirt. .: 86% Polyester 14% Cotton.: Crew neck.: Classic Fit.: Custom cut and sewn
Everybody Vs Racism hoodie
Everybody Vs Racism hoodie $65.00
Living a Black Rooster life is about celebrating diversity and uniqueness. Let this hoodie do the talking when you are out shopping or just walking around- remind people that the fight is not Black vs White or others vs Asians, it's all of us against racism! It will take all of us to erase racism. Put the focus on the real battle for human rights every time you wear this hoodie. .: 86% Polyester 14% Cotton.: Classic Fit.: Custom cut and sewn